Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Makeup Brushes

What kind of makeup brushes do you all use? I'm looking for recommendations, you see. My makeup brush collection is rather puny, and I'm not really crazy about any of them either. 

Yep. That's it. My brush collection in all it's sad little glory. lol I'd had one more, an ELF "professional" eye shadow brush, but I gave it to my niece to paint with yesterday as the paint brush that came with her water colors had gone missing. The ELF was the cheapest therefore most dispensable brush I could part with so she could enjoy herself for the afternoon. 

From left to right: Mark "go with the pro" mini powder brush, which is used for blush, bronzer, "all over" powders of all sorts. It's really not very good for any of that, especially blush. But I've learned how to make it work since that's all I have. No idea what brand the next brush is, as the lettering rubbed off not too long after I got it. I remember getting it at a Wal Mart somewhere several years ago. It was labeled as a blending brush, but I use it as a crease brush. The rest are Image Essentials brushes from K Mart which I really like the quality of all of them but the ones for the eyes are just too big for my eyes... first is the Angle & Dome shadow brush duo, then the Crease & Smudge duo. That "crease" brush is enormous - I use it as a blending brush instead or for a light sweep of color all over. And then the Foundation & Conceal duo, which I actually do kinda like a good bit I just don't use it much this time of year because I don't wear makeup much this time of year. It's just entirely too hot and humid, any makeup I do put on tends to melt off in an hour anyway. So I just don't bother. lol

Anyway. So that is my collection of brushes, which yes needs expanded on very badly. So that brings me to today's question: what brushes do you gals (and guys) use? I know MAC brushes are popular but I can't afford those so pass on recommending them k? I don't care if they're fabulous, if I can't afford them it really doesn't matter. I know a lot of folks use the Loew Cornell brushes from the craft department and say they're comparable to MAC but... it's a thing with me, I can't use brushes meant for art on my face. (It's one of my odd little quirks, things have to be used for their intended purpose...) I need some recs for actual makeup brushes that are affordable but high quality. 

I'm hoping to win the set of Sedona Lace brushes from Nicole's recent contest but in the event that I don't (which is probably the case) I'll have to put a set of brushes on my wish list for Christmas this year. What brands/sets should I take a peek at? 

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