Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SH Continuous Treatment

I picked up a bottle of the new Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment today while I was out grocery shopping. I opted for the Strength formula, as my nails have been unusually weak recently. 

There are three other formulas available: Growth, Hardening and Base & Top Coat. (Typical for my Wal Mart, they only had three of the four products available; they never seem able to stock an entire line of anything. *rolling eyes* They did not have the Hardening formula, if you're wondering.) 

These treatments are supposed to nourish your nails for "up to 10 days". The price was about $8 a bottle, which might seem pricey but it's in line with other SH treatments and many other drugstore nail care products these days.

I contemplated getting the Growth formula, as I have two nails that managed to break VERY low and I'd really like for them to grow out so I can clip them off at the breaks and the faster that happens the happier I'll be. (Yeah, this after I clipped them shorter to avoid such happenings. Oh, the irony.) But then I decided that *knock on wood* considering I do not usually need any help with my nails growing the Strength formula would be a better option to prevent more breaks in the future.

So far I like it; the bottle is a pretty shade of purple. The only problem with this is the color of the bottle is opaque; you can't see how much product is in the bottle so you won't be able to tell at a glance when you're getting low and need to repurchase. But, purple is one of my favorite colors and this bottle is such a pretty shade I don't mind too much. The cap has ridges on it which I like, they provide a nice "grip" while you're applying the product. 

I applied two coats, letting it dry for a couple minutes between coats. After the second coat it was completely dry in probably about 5 minutes; I didn't really check the clock to be honest. 

The treatments can be applied on their own, or they can be used as a base coat under nail color. I like having that option open. I've used some treatments which, while they were wonderful and worked well, required you to go without nail polish during the duration of use of the product. The product doubling as base coat for nail color is a nice plus for me.

So, those are my initial thoughts. I'll check back in and let you know what I think after I've used this for a while. =)

PS - Don't forget to leave me any questions you may have for me, whether about nail polish or anything else (as long as it's nothing too personal!) on the Q&A post!

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