Friday, May 14, 2010

Q&A Answers

Well, chalk this up as an idea that was better in theory than in practice. Thanks, Calin, for your comment/questions - it's very much appreciated!

Calin's questions/comment: I hope this isn't too personal, but what is your profession? :P You have a very beautiful site here by the way. I was curious if you have ever used Spa Ritual nail products. I hear they are completely vegan or green or something, and my mother (current nail tech) has been getting requests for it, but its kinda pricey. I was curious if you, Miss Addict, if you have any opinions on it etc. I am looking to become a licensed tech, but for the moment i am searching for any nail technician schools that have online components to them.

I'm currently unemployed, actually. lol I used to be in child care, but all the kiddos around have grown up. I was a typist for a little while, but the job was out-sourced. Right now I am an amateur photographer and I do some dog walking when I can, but as far as a "real" (meaning steady) job, I've got none right now.

No, I've not used Spa Rituals - it is not sold locally where I am. It is also expensive (around $10 a bottle, I believe) so even if it were available locally I couldn't afford it. Being unemployed and all. lol 

I'd love to become a licensed nail technician too, however when I contacted the local beauty school (which currently has ads stating they have a nail tech course) I was told they do not offer those classes anymore and I would have to take the full cosmetology course instead. Which I don't want to do, and it's more money as well and I'd have a hard enough time paying for just the nail tech classes. Go figure.

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