Monday, May 17, 2010


Sorry for the messy edges, haven't cleaned up yet. I decided to try Konad with another Pure Ice polish, since I had some luck with it for the previous NOTD

3 coats of Pure Ice Calypso for the base color
Pure Ice Silver Mercedes to stamp the design which is from IP M25

Silver Mercedes wasn't flawless to work with for stamping but it worked out well enough I'd use it again for stamping. =) 

As a side note, I suppose practice makes perfect in getting ideal placement for the Konad stamps and for getting the designs placed in the same spot on each nail. I know, I've had the Konad stuff plenty long enough now (been what, a year or so now?!) I should have been using it enough to have the hang of it by now. Haven't used it as much since I didn't realize I had "normal" polishes that would work with it and I don't necessarily need the special polishes. Now that I know this there will likely be more stamping in the future. Going to try to save up to get some more IP's this Summer. I still would really like to be able to get more special polishes too but... we'll see.

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