Friday, May 14, 2010


I don't use my Konad stuff very often. Maybe because I have just the bare minimum of things from them, and I'd love more options. Don't get me wrong, I adore the Konad stuff, it's just too expensive and as much as I'd love to I just can't afford to get any more image plates or special polishes. So I have one image plate and one special polish. That's it. 

I've seen some NOTD pictures on other nail blogs where the ladies have used other "normal" nail polish instead of the Konad special polishes, and they've gotten some really amazing results. Seems most of them get these results from China Glaze polishes that have a cream finish. I have a couple ChG polishes, though the only cream I have is For Audrey. I don't care for ChG, and have no intentions of buying more of their polishes. I'm not going to get into why I don't like them but I will at least say this: it doesn't have a thing to do with the nail polish itself. 

Anyway so I'd tried doing a little something with For Audrey, and it didn't really work out very well. I didn't get the amazing results I've seen other ladies posting pictures of with their ChG polishes.

Today I decided I'd try a couple other cream polishes, just for the heck of it. 

I have to say I'm happy with the results, to a point. More on that in a bit, though. 

I started off with 3 coats of Misa "Sugar Daddy". (Yes, this is one of my very favorite nail polishes. I've only got 2 colors from Misa but I adore them both, and definitely want more from Misa!)

Then for the stamping... 

I used Pure Ice "Flirt Alert" first for the flowers. This one worked out the best of the ones I tried, and I am really happy with it. I plan to use it for more Konad designs in the future, for sure. It's not as opaque as a special polish would be of course, but it still shows up VERY well and I didn't really have any trouble with it at all. Then I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow and again did the flowers, over top of the pink for a layered effect. I'm pretty pleased with how this color worked out too though it is a bit more sheer than I'd prefer it to be. Still, you can see that it's there when you look closely.

For the butterfly I used Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in "Lusterous". I finally got some decent looking results but this one was a bit of a PITA to work with and it took numerous tries to get it just right so I could actually stamp it on my nails. I'd actually just wanted black for the butterfly but I'm out of black polish at the moment (I know *sad*) and I did try the black Art Deco polish from LA Colors but it just was NOT working at all. So I figured Lusterous is nearly black, it'd be good enough.

Then I tried to layer over the butterfly with Milani 3D Holographic polishes in "Hi-Res" and "Digital" and much to my dismay these just did NOT work with Konad. I really, really wanted them to work. I was inspired to try these polishes out with the Konad after seeing this AMAZING post which the 3D holo polishes were used:  I've NO idea how she got the 3D holos to show up so beautifully, because, as you can see on my nails.... it doesn't show up. (Unless you look really, really, really closely and try very hard to see it, then you can just barely make out the fact that there's some other color there but it's not distinguishable and certainly nowhere near as vivid and lovely as on Lisa's nails. *sigh*)

All in all at least I've found one nail polish that works well with the Konad stuff and I'll be sure to try more of the Pure Ice cream polishes in the future. Until I can somehow afford to get more special polishes, it's nice to know I might be able to find some other options for colors. Now if only I could afford some more image plates, too...

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