Monday, May 10, 2010

Lumene The Colors I Love Makeup Kit - Smoky Sunset

It started out pretty cool this morning, some might even say it was cold. But it warmed up nicely throughout the day, and once it warmed up and the sun came out I thought I'd venture into the yard and do some swatches of some makeup so I could get some reviews up. I'll post them over the next couple of days. Here is the first one.

All of the following photos were taken in sunlight, and all eye shadows were applied over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Lumene: The Colours I Love Makeup Kit # 2 - Smoky Sunset

(lip gloss, 2 all over shimmer creams, 6 eye shadows)

(all over shimmer creams (in same order as in above photo of the palette) & lip gloss)

(eye shadows; left to right: the shade that's in the very middle of the palette, lower left, and top left eye shadow)

(eye shadows; left to right: white, lower right hand corner of the palette, and middle of bottom row of palette)

This palette was a gift, and honestly I'd forgotten about it as it found it's way to the bottom of my makeup case. I was looking for something else and this caught my eye in the process, and I promised myself that I'd start using it again soon so it's now been placed at the top of the makeup case where it won't be forgotten again. 

The lip gloss: The texture is lovely. It's very smooth and creamy and not sticky at all, nor does it feel drying to the lips. I like to apply a thin layer of it so it's lighter, bold lip colors are not my thing but this gloss is nice because you can apply a small amount and get a lighter color from it or you can be a little more heavy handed and get a very bold, rich color from it. It has a very faint amount of shimmer that's hardly noticeable on the lips, unless you're *really* looking hard for it. It's a pretty burgundy/wine color.

All-over shimmer creams: One is a soft lilac shade which has a silvery metallic finish, almost like a duo-chrome. The white has a pink duo-chrome finish. Both are shimmery, but it's not over-the-top shimmer. A little goes a long way. I tend to use these for a highlight on the brow bone more than anything, but they can be nice to highlight the cheeks as well if done properly.

Eye shadows: As you can see in the above photos, the lighter shades are not very pigmented. Even on my uber pale skin they don't really show up much. This is disappointing, because they are pretty colors. (Though white eye shadow is a dime a dozen, it's easy to find a good white shadow so not disappointed in that, as I have plenty more!) The texture of all the shadows is a little dry and chalky, particularly the lighter shades. The darker colors are a little smoother and apply better. I think the colors all work pretty well together but they're not perfectly paired up, in my opinion. You can achieve a decent LIGHT smoky look with the colors in this palette but don't expect anything really dramatic.

This is the ONLY thing I have from Lumene. As I said earlier, it was also a gift which I'll also tell you was purchased while it was on clearance for $3. (Yeah, the person it was from and I have a relationship in which we tell each other how much a gift was/don't bother taking price tags off. We're just cool with that kind of thing, that's all.) The price tag on it has the original price included, which is $11.99. There is NO way this is worth that much money. The $3 clearance price is closer to what it's worth, with the chalky and poorly pigmented eye shadows. It's an OK palette, but not one that I'd recommend you rush out to buy by any means. (Unless maybe it's on clearance and you have a little girl who wants some makeup to play with.) Given the quality of this palette, I'm in no rush to try anything else from Lumene any time soon.

2 of 5 stars.

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