Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Often?

How often do you clean out your makeup and nail polish stash? Do you clean out the older, unwanted things on a regular basis, or just whenever the mood strikes? Or never?

I try to go through everything at least once a year and determine what I don't like anymore and what I honestly don't use anymore despite how pretty it might be. 

When it comes to makeup - I never actually toss things based on the guidelines set by the "experts"; I'm sorry but I can't afford to do that. If we're really supposed to use the makeup in such a short amount of time or toss it, how about lower prices and smaller tubes/whatever so we actually stand a chance of finishing them? But whatever. Unless it smells funky or experiences some other change that indicates it's gone bad, I keep it as long as I'm still using it. With how expensive makeup is it'd be a ridiculous waste of money to toss it when you're "supposed" to and then buy more. Hey if you want to and can afford to do that then go for it - but I am poor and buying makeup is an occasional indulgence after I've saved up for it a while; I'm NOT gonna toss an eye shadow that's still honestly perfectly fine and that there's still a ton of product left just because the "experts" say keeping it longer is bad. (Nine times out of ten "experts" in any given field don't give a crap about the consumer's needs or safety, they just want to make money.) 

The sort-of exception is mascara. I don't toss it after 3 months like the "experts" say, but after about 6 months or so is when it goes. Though honestly this doesn't really have much to do with safety concerns so much as usually by then it's getting dried out anyway. 

When it comes to nail polish, about once a year I do the same thing: I go through my stash and pick out the colors I just don't like anymore or that I hardly ever use. Any polishes that are thick and goopy get tossed. I know, I know... thinner could save them. But typically for me, those thick and goopy polishes tend to be ones I don't use anymore anyway. Any that are still good but I just don't like them anymore go to a friend; she keeps whatever she wants to keep and is free to toss whatever she doesn't want.

I know Zoya has their nail polish exchange each year, and I could get rid of old/unwanted polish that way. The exchange is how I found out about Zoya a couple years ago & first tried their nail polish that way. Honestly... I wasn't impressed with their nail polish enough to participate in the exchange again. I rarely reach for most of the colors I got through the exchange I did participate in. In fact, during my recent cleaning out session, a couple of the Zoya polishes went into the bag of polishes for my friend. I'd only used them once or twice. I know some of you just love Zoya but I really just don't care for them. 

So, basically yearly I go through both nail polish and makeup and pick through to get rid of things. How often do you get rid of unwanted/unused makeup and nail polish?

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