Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer Review

So, normally when I review a product I like to use it for at least a week or more (depending on the product I'm reviewing of course) so I can get a really good feel for it before I review it. In this case, that's not happening. You'll find out why as you continue to read. 

The same day I made my first post about this product, I later got it. My dad was at the store & he picked it up for me, so I didn't even see it before getting it. They didn't have the trimmer separately (though it IS sold separately) so he just got the Bikini Kit, which comes with the trimmer, a Venus Embrace razor, and a tube of Olay Bikini lotion. 

First things first, the lotion. Don't try to find this specific lotion separately. It doesn't exist. At least, not with that name and style tube. It states on the back of the tube "Also sold as Olay Advanced Healing Body Lotion in US and Olay Advanced Relief Body Lotion in Canada". It is a nice enough lotion, however if you've already got a body lotion you love, there's no special need to try this one just because it says "Bikini" on it.

The trimmer:

The first thing you will notice is that it's styled pretty much like any razor and keeping with the Venus line, it's pretty and curvy and has grips on the side and top to help prevent drops while in the shower. Upon closer inspection, this trimmer is an old-school single blade, with a plastic guard attached.

There is an immediate plus to this in that unlike other trimmers, this doesn't require any batteries. Ok, saving a little money on batteries, I can appreciate that. (I only use rechargeable batteries that last longer anyway but still, battery-free is always a good option to have!)

As you can see in the above photo, the plastic guard leaves a good 1/4 of an inch between the blade and the end of the guard at the longest point. 

"Just guide over bikini hair in a shaving motion to neatly trim hair for the look you want." - This is what it says on the Gillette web site, and on the packaging for the product as well. Sounds easy, right?

Well... maybe not. First of all, I couldn't even give this a try anyway because I like to keep things "down there" smooth... occasionally I need the help of the Schick Quattro Trim Style if I've been sick for a while or just gotten lazy about things. The Venus Bikini Trimmer just isn't gonna do it for me. There's no hair "there" long enough to even try it, and the chances there ever will be are incredibly slim. The plastic guard is NOT adjustable, so... you trim to the length it's made for and that's that. (Assuming you can trim at all, that is.) 

I did run this along my arm several times, just to try to see what kind of a job it would do. The hair on my arms is plenty long enough. (To be sure we're on the same page I'm talking about the hair on my forearms, not my underarms.) I guess the hair on my arms is too fine, perhaps? The trimmer didn't do a thing. Not one hair trimmed back. But again, perhaps it's just too fine and when used for the bikini area the coarser hair would actually be trimmed. But, I'm not totally convinced; the plastic guard seemed to press the hairs down against my skin, thus making it impossible for the blade to do any trimming. But again, maybe for the coarser, denser concentration of hair in the bikini area it wouldn't be a problem and the trimmer could do it's job.

So, I've got a trimmer I am probably never ever going to use. 

Pros: no batteries necessary, sturdy plastic guard to prevent nicks, comfortable to hold with the design

Cons: trim length is not adjustable, hair has to be REALLY long to use it

Honestly... I can't say whether or not it's a product that is worth it, since I wasn't even able to use it. I CAN tell you if you keep things "down there" either trimmed very short or totally smooth & you just need a trimmer for rare occasions things get a little unruly (your definition of "unruly" being anything under 1/4 of an inch long), you can pass on this because it will not do the job for you. But for those of you who are a bit more lenient/au naturale about things "down there"... this may or may not work for you, I can't offer any thoughts. 

As a side-note, I will be reviewing the Embrace razor that came with this kit separately in the future.

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