Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gillette Venus - They Were Listening

I have not yet re-posted it here (been meaning to) but on my previous blog I had a review up for the Schick Quattro Trim Style razor. In this review I mentioned that I really prefer my Venus Breeze, and wouldn't it be awesome if there were a similar Venus product. Well.... this isn't exactly the same as the Trim Style but the folks at Gillette were definitely listening! Have you seen their latest product? I just saw the commercial yesterday and I have EVERY intention of buying this ASAP!

New Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer: click here to see the product page

What's nice is that they have a Bikini Kit that you can buy, which has the trimmer, the Embrace razor and a tube of lotion specifically made for the bikini area. OR, if you're like me and reeeeally do prefer the Breeze razors (my gosh I could not live without them, honestly! Ok I could, but I would not be happy about it!) you can just buy the trimmer separately. Yayness! 

Yep, going to buy the trimmer right away (maybe even today) and get a good feel for it and then there will be a review. Right now though the cool thing is: they were listening! That's just awesome to me. =D Oh, I know... they didn't solely make this new product because of little old me. But it's still cool to know I said I wanted something new from them and not too long after that, they release exactly what I'd mentioned I'd love to see from them. Coincidence? Sure. But a cool one, you have to admit!

So... while we're at it, how about I re-post that Trim Style review? Sound good? Alright then. Here it is, as originally posted on my previous blog:

This review is LONG overdue, I know... but better late than never right?

The Schick Quattro Trim Style is a nifty little razor, indeed. One end uses Schick Quattro blades for a good "old fashioned" shave with which you must first apply a shaving cream or gel. And on the other end is an electric trimmer for the bikini line (and such *ahem*). I've also used it for underarms and legs in those times when I've just been too busy or stressed (or sick) to shave for a while and things have gotten a little out of control. (Oh come on, it happens!) Just makes it easier for the razor if you can trim first ya know?

I am not a fan of electric razors - oh don't get me wrong, some of them are just downright cute and I'd love to have one just for that alone. But they're expensive, and I'm not a fan of them because they just don't give a shave that's as close and smooth as I prefer. However, I know at the very least having an electric trimmer on hand is, well, handy! For about $10, the Schick Quattro Trim Style definitely fits in my budget. 

Powered by one AAA battery, the trimmer has an adjustable guard for three varying lengths to suit your own preferences. Or you can even remove the guard completely for the closest trim possible. This razor is waterproof for in-shower use, a HUGE plus in my book. You may be tempted to use the trimmer dry rather than while in the shower. While this can be done, I would recommend that even so at least do your shaving with some running water close by. Like a manual razor, the electric trimmer does need to be rinsed with running water. If you don't rinse it out frequently, hair clogs up the blades and it will either run very slowly (which can then yank the hairs out instead of cutting them - OUCH!) or it'll just stop completely. So, while using it if you notice it slowing down, rinse it out and it should speed right back up. (If it doesn't the battery probably needs to be replaced soon!)

I didn't expect to like having this razor as much as I do. I do NOT store it in the shower, even though it comes with a handy little suction-cup mount as most razors do. I don't store ANY of my razors in the shower; I find that they last longer if I keep them dry when not in use and let's face it, in the shower is not exactly the driest place for them! The trimmer may also start to get rusty if kept in the shower; for all my razors I like to rinse them very well when I'm done using them and then I carefully pat them dry with a towel. 

I do actually use the manual razor end too of course, though not often. I said it before and I'll say it again, Venus Breeze is my favorite razor EVER. I typically use the trimmer from the Trim Style to trim what needs to be trimmed first, if anything, and then I use my Venus Breeze after to shave and really get the close shave I'm after. Now, if Gillette were to make a Venus Breeze a la the Trim Style, with an electric trimmer on one end.... *hint hint hint* now THAT would make me a happy shaver! But until then I do quite like having the Trim Style around. It's indeed helpful for getting things manageable again if you'd gotten lazy about shaving for a while, which admit it ladies even the most devout daily shavers do get lazy about it for a while when life events keep us stressed or busy or if you're sick in bed for a while!

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