Monday, May 24, 2010

BFTE Swatches

I finally got my second BFTE order today! This order took a couple weeks to get here - but I want to be very clear that the long wait had NOTHING to do with BFTE! The USPS is at fault for this one. The initial package seemed to disappear. I waited it out a while to ensure plenty of time for the package to arrive under normal and also "busier than usual because of an awesome sale" conditions and when it still was not here and I couldn't track it, I let BFTE know and they tried to locate the package via tracking and were also unable to find anything. So right away they got a replacement order out to me. So again, just so we're clear here: this long wait was thanks to the USPS, and is NO reflection on BFTE cause they are awesome, ok? It's pure speculation of course but I'd have to guess that some female postal worker along the line knew the package contained cosmetics and decided to snatch it. (You might be surprised the things that postal workers do sometimes...) 


So my MUCH anticipated order is finally safe and sound in my care and I gotta say, it was worth the wait. =D 

Outdoors, natural (cloudy) light:

Indoors, natural light + flash & intentionally a smidge out of focus to show the shimmer (I ♥ shimmer you know lol)

From top to bottom the colors are:

Eggplant Light
Zinger (Blush)

All colors were applied over Too Faced Shadow Insurance; the blush was applied over a dab of foundation & (obviously) it was applied with a very heavy hand to show the color better.

I also got a cute 5 color wheel (empty) from the 25¢ moving sale. I'm not sure exactly how I'll make use of it yet but I have a couple ideas. I'll be sure to share once I figure it out. I will say that my favorite idea thus far will require some more goodies from BFTE, which means I need to save up a bit for a while first. lol

 I've got *loads* to do this week, so I'm not sure when I'll get to create any looks using my BFTE products. I will try to come up with a little something ASAP though. 

Once again, I have to say that I'm impressed with and would definitely recommend you guys check out BFTE if you haven't already!

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