Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swatches - Milani 3D Holographic Collection

As I previously mentioned, I was able to get the whole collection - a first for me. I'm lucky my dad was willing to pay for six new nail polishes I REALLY don't need to add to my collection lol. 

Now, holographic nail polish is my very favorite kind of nail polish. So when I spotted the new Milani display at K Mart, I instantly fell in love. But of course, there are some things to consider - no two holos are created alike, and thus far I've never been able to find a holo as awesome as the long-gone Sally Hansen Nail Prisms. (Oh please bring those back, SH, please!) But, it is still always fun to try new holos when they pop up. Almost always, anyway.

I had high hopes for this collection - Milani is after all one of my favorite brands. 

There are six colors in this collection, all with "techy" type names which has been the trend as of late: 3D, HD, Hi-Tech, Digital, Hi-Res and Cyberspace.

I swatched all the colors at 3 coats - they were all decent enough at two coats but I went for three for good measure. I also took a picture of each color in sunlight and in the shade. They were all sheer at one coat, some a tiny bit streaky with that first coat too. But all evened out at two coats and looked lovely, they applied very well and dried pretty quickly too. Overall the holographic aspect was a bit disappointing though, with the holo effect being quite subtle and only really visible at certain angles and only in the sunlight. They seem much more like a base color that has been loaded with an insane amount of holographic micro-glitter than true holos. Read on for pics and my thoughts on the individual colors.

Cyberspace is a lovely shade of blue. In the shade it's a softer pastel-ish sky blue bordering on baby blue, while in the sun it is a deeper almost dusty sky blue. It's got more of a holo look in the sun than pictured, though it's not an astounding holo effect.

Hi-Res is a very pretty grape-purple. In the shade it also takes on a more pastel-ish tone, while in the sun it is dark and fascinating. This one has more of a holo look to it (in the sun) than most of the other colors from this collection.

Digital is a pretty dusty rose-pink. Like Cyberspace and Hi-Res, it looks more pastel in the shade while in the sun it's a deeper hue.

Hi-Tech seemed to have the most holo effect to it of the collection. It is a nice shade of green, once again a color that in the shade is more pastel and in the sun is a deeper, dusty sort of color. In the shade it strikes me as a "sour apple" type of green, while in the sun it's a grassy-mint color. (As I've said many times on this blog I really am awful at describing colors, lol. This is just how they look to my eye, you may feel differently.)

HD is silver. You can't have a holo collection without silver. In the shade this one is almost grey. This one was really very sheer at one coat, more-so than the rest of the collection. It would likely be a fun color to layer over darker colors because of that.

And lastly we have 3D, the other "can't have a holo collection without it" color - gold. There's not really much to say about this one...

I decided to compare 3D with China Glaze's It's My Turn. They have nothing in common other than both being shades of gold. 3D is a warmer, truer gold while It's My Turn is a beige-toned gold. It's My Turn has a truer holographic finish than any of the Milani colors do. (Though this also has nothing on the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms of long ago.) The Milani is more opaque, however.

My thoughts on this collection over-all: pretty enough colors, however they are quite standard. The holographic effect is really not intense enough for me. I repeat my previous statement of they seem much more like a base color that has been loaded with an insane amount of holographic micro-glitter than true holos. There is just enough holo to them that I like them, but I don't love them like I had hoped I would, and in my sadly small collection of holos I'm happy to add some new colors even if they are only mildly holographic. It's better than not holographic at all. 

3 of 5 stars.

Would I recommend? Well... maybe if full-on holographic is too much for you and you want something a little more mild. Or if one of the colors just really, really grabs you. Which isn't likely, with such basic colors in the collection. If you're looking for a really noticeable holo polish, you can pass on these cause they are subtle in the holo department.

I'm not totally disappointed with the collection, merely because the shades of each color are different from everything already in my stash. And again, a little subtle bit of holo is better than no holo at all. I didn't have any light greens or blues previously, pinks are always welcome in my world, I didn't have any purples that I really liked and I do quite like Hi-Res. I didn't have any nice silvers or a really true gold yet either. So... I am happy with the colors. It's the lack of "in-your-face-holographic" that is disappointing. 

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