Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Wish List

Nail Polish

Misa: Blackout, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Single And Ready To Limbo, Shake It To The Samba, Jester Ate The King Cake

Color Club: Factory Girl, Hot Couture, Take Me To Your Chateau

Finger Paints: Add & Abstract, Oh My Stars, Dream A Little Dream, Blissfully Blue

Beauty From The Earth: Country Blue, Sweet Dreams, 4 Leaf Clover, Nani, Angel, Baby Girl, Belle Of The Ball, Starstruck, Zinger (blush), May (blush)

Too Faced: Sex Kitten (lipstick), Pink Flamingo (lipstick), Party Girl (duo eye shadow)

Lipstick Queen: Saint Wine, Saint Berry, Berry Sinner

Of course this is the short version and limited to just a couple brands. :p In all seriousness these are some of the things I want *most* from my entirely too big wish list.

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