Friday, April 9, 2010


I'd like to think that as this is the first butterfly I've done, any I may do in the future will be better. I tend to stick to simpler designs, since free-handing on my own nails is tricky for me, especially considering that I'm definitely no painter. But I do like to break away from simple lines and flowers sometimes; while the results are not always stunning I'm rather proud of them as they offered me a challenge. And I can learn from them. 

As a somewhat unrelated side-note, I'd love to know why the past few uses my LA Colors Art Deco black polish insists on smearing when I apply top coat no matter how long I wait to give it a chance to set first. It's a tad annoying. Maybe it needs a smidge of thinner? Anyone out there with more knowledge/experience have an answer for me?

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