Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mail Day

A while back I was notified by the lovely CCee that I was one of the winners of a contest she'd held on Twitter. As she is in a different country, it took quite a while for the package to get here. But it finally arrived today, and yes it was indeed worth the wait!

I get a total kick out of trying products from other countries, since I don't get to travel it's these kinds of contests and giveaways that give me the opportunity to try things from other parts of the world. For the record the only bad thing about it is that sometimes I wind up falling in love with a product and am then of course unable to buy it once whatever I won is gone. But, it is still SO much fun to me to get to try things that are not sold here in the US. 

This is what CCee sent in my package:

Biotherm Aquasource Non-Stop sample, perfume sample, body lotion, hand cream, shower gel, compact mirror, tweezers, day cream, and an emery board.

What's really fantastic about this is that I needed some new Tweezers and a new emery board, but for some reason I kept putting off getting them. Now I don't have to worry about it. =) The little compact mirror is ADORABLE and is definitely going to come in handy! I've never seen little tins of hand cream before, so I'm really intrigued by that. And I'm sure many are familiar with the name Palmolive, but here in the US the only Colgate-Palmolive product with "Palmolive" on the label is dish soap. I really had no idea they had Palmolive shower gel in other parts of the world. Is it the same as Soft Soap, I wonder? Same manufacturer but a different brand name on the label; it's possible right? The bottle is similar to the Soft Soap shower gel bottles. Anyway.  Lotions and such are ALWAYS a good thing in my stash of products, as are perfumes. 

I'm looking forward to trying all these things out, especially that hand cream. I dunno, something about it being in that cute little tin makes it an intriguing product. lol 
Thank you, CCee! =)

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