Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LA Colors "Tease" Eye Shadow Palette

I stumbled onto these shadows at Dollar General last Summer. You really can't beat the price of these - everything is just $1 or $2. But what really makes these a great buy is the fact that despite the low price tag, the quality is superb!

All of the following photos were taken indoors with flash.

Bear in mind this is what the colors look like when applied over an eye shadow base - not a very good eye shadow base mind you, as these were taken in my pre-Too Faced Shadow Insurance days, but an eye shadow base nonetheless. And that purple on the outer corner? That's the blue and pink from the palette, blended together. Yeah - that is how blendable these shadows are. Absolutely dreamy blendability! (As a side note the white color used to highlight is from a different LA Colors 5 color palette; "Darling".)

This has rapidly become my favorite shadow palette for more dramatic eye looks. Some colors are more pigmented than others (the yellow and orange are not quite as pigmented as I'd hoped they would be, you really need to pack them on to get them to show up) however overall they're very nice. They are very smooth and silky, easy to apply and did I mention extremely blendable yet?

When applied over eye shadow base the staying power is very good, too. Even when applied over a cheaper base the staying power is decent - use a better base and these shadows will last all day and well into the night!

Overall, for the price these are fantastic. I'd give them 4 of 5 stars... they'd get all 5 if only all the colors were equally pigmented. I highly recommend them, particularly to beauty addicts on a super tight budget (such as myself) who are looking for some bang for their buck, without hurting their wallet!

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