Monday, March 22, 2010

Super Simple Mani

I just wanted something simple but of course just plain nails was not in the cards. So I came up with this simple variation on a classic French manicure. (Of course. haha)

Base Coat (Finger Paints)
2 coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength "Brilliant Blush"
Top Coat (Orly In A Snap) & let dry completely
Stripe Right Paint "Pink Glitter" to make a thin stripe along the smile line
Purple heart shaped sprinkles, both the open & solid ones (use a little clear nail polish first so they have something to stick to)
Top Coat (Orly In A Snap again)

(If the tips of your nails are not very white you can apply a white tip before the two coats of Brilliant Blush, but your resulting mani will not look exactly like this of course as the white will then be more vivid.)

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