Friday, March 5, 2010

New Polish

I made the mistake of walking down the nail polish aisle today. I discovered that my Wal Mart FINALLY revamped their nail polish displays (after being waaaay behind on the new products for too many years to count) and so naturally this meant there were finally more colors of Pure Ice, Nicole by OPI and Sally Hansen available. I bought four bottles, one of which is not even for me. I saw it and knew it was perfect for one of my friends. (Though this did not stop me from trying it out when I got home. haha!) I held back though, there were several more colors I really, really wanted. But I was on an even tighter budget today than usual so I kinda HAD to hold back. I'm sure I'll get more next time though. :p

The colors I picked up were:

Nicole by OPI "You're An Angel" - this is the color I got for my friend. First I saw bright pink, which is her favorite color so my first thought was it's a color she'd love. Upon closer inspection I saw that it is loaded with matching shimmer as well as some golden shimmer. It's different from anything my friend has in this regard. And then I saw the name of the color and that clinched it - my friend is indeed an Angel to me and thus I decided that I just had to get this color for her! And then I got home and put on two coats to try it out myself cause I couldn't resist lol and I just may have to get this color for myself now too...

The other three colors I picked up were all from Pure Ice:

Kiss Me Here - Creme finish grey polish. Oh gosh have I mentioned how happy I am that greys are in right now? I normally loathe anything "in" but considering grey is my favorite color it's impossible for me to not love this trend! This polish is similar to Sally Hansen Hard As Nails XtremeWear in Wet Cement, but this is darker.

Don't You Wish - Clear base loaded with iridescent glitter. Who doesn't love this kind of glitter polish? It's a classic!

Cheatin' - This color is a clear base that's loaded with blue and purple glitter. Love! This is an EXACT dupe for Nicole by OPI's "Gone Wishin'"... EXACT, and at a fraction of the cost of Nicole by OPI!

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