Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Nail Babble

There was a time when I had all my nail polish and other nail art and nail care supplies nice and organized. And then came the nail polish blog, and the decision to swatch all my polishes. Then my personal life faced some big changes that kept me busy. And well, long story short it didn't take long for my nail polish & nail supplies to become a total mess.

I keep all my polishes and nail supplies in two drawers. Actually there are three drawers, the third being for the bigger things like bags of cotton balls, bottles of nail polish remover and cuticule remover etc. But, as with the drawers containing the polishes and such, it's become a disaster zone as well and for the sake of putting things away in a hurry before passing out into bed after a long day, all sorts of other non-nail related things have been tossed in there.

I didn't take a picture of the third drawer - it's too much of a disaster to share. lol But I did take pictures of the other two drawers. This is the "before" mess. There will be "after" pictures once I get things sorted out again, as I hope to do soon. More changes in my personal life right now mean things will slow down a bit and be a little less hectic, so maybe I can find some time to get some cleaning and organizing done. But anyway... this is "before":

And last night, despite being uber tired, I decided to fiddle with my nails a bit before going to sleep. I just wanted to trial run a couple ideas for Easter themed nails. I know it's a sloppy job - it was late and I was practically falling asleep while doing this lol. I just wanted to see if I could come up with anything cute.If I actually do any of these again for Easter it will be when I'm still wide awake and I'll be much more careful about things so it's all better. Especially should I decide to do the little chick design again. Though I must admit, even though it's totally goofy looking it's kinda cute. :p

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