Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Swatches - Pure Ice

Silver Mercedes is just what you might think it is by the name: metallic silver. This polish applies beautifully and dries in a snap. And best of all? It's a one coat wonder! Yep, one coat and you're set with fully opaque coverage. What's not to love about that?

Indoors with flash:

Calypso is from the Frosted Ice line Pure Ice had out a few years ago. And it's a forgotten love, too. Lost in the back of my 120+ bottles of nail polish it's been rediscovered thanks to this blog and swatching everything. This color is stunning - applies like a dream and perfectly opaque in two coats. This is a gorgeous teal color with a frosty finish. It's a bit more green than pictured - this is why I don't like doing swatches indoors. Natural light picks up on the colors much better. But it's winter - it's dark and cold outside. Outdoor swatches aren't exactly an option this time of year.

Indoors with flash:

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