Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Swatch - Misa Denim & Lace

So for those who don't know this, I've been wanting to try out some Misa polishes for what feels like forever... probably close to two years now if I had to take a guess. I really had hoped to find someplace to buy it locally. I'm very finicky about certain things and makeup/nailpolish is something I really prefer to see in person before I decide whether or not I'm going to buy it. But alas, I can't find Misa in my little left of nowhere, no traffic lights only some stop signs town. It's probably a safe bet I'd find some if I ventured to downtown Pittsburgh... but, the only thing I go to Pittsburgh for is a Pens game. It's sad I guess, I've lived in this area my whole life and other than the Mellon Arena, I don't know how to get anywhere in the city.

Anyway. I finally decided I'd just go for it and order some Misa online from the ever trusty Head 2 Toe Beauty. I got two colors - Sugar Daddy (I'll swatch that one soon) which I fell in love with after seeing the The Polish Addict's swatch. I still want the whole Sugar Sugar collection in a very bad way but with money so tight I had to settle for one color from the collection for now.

The other color I saw on H2TB's site that looked interesting to me was Denim & Lace. I don't have many purples in my collection - darker purples (like Nicole by OPI's "Virtuous Violet") just somehow seem to look odd on my complexion. (Even more odd since the same shade in clothing looks wonderful on me... but on my nails? Yuck!) So I'm always on the lookout for lighter, pinkish purples and lilac shades.

And oh boy was Denim & Lace an excellent choice! It's officially my new favorite polish. Not just "one of my favorites" but THE favorite! It's nothing like any of the other polishes in my stash. It's got a finish that is - to me - a hybrid of a pearl and shimmer. It's a beautiful lilac-ish shade of purple, leaning more toward purple than pink.

With one coat, Denim & Lace is sheer and shimmery and gives a soft hint of color... and it's gorgeous. But add more coats and it becomes deeper and opaque, maintaining the shimmer but also somehow acquiring a somewhat pearly finish. Three coats remains ever so slightly sheer but not much.

It's a bit deeper purple in color than pictured, and pictures really don't do this color justice or show the beautiful finish either. It applies perfectly - no pulling, no streaking, just pure beautiful color.

I have no idea how they came up with the name Denim & Lace for this color but it is somehow very fitting to the color. The picture it puts into my head is cowboy boots, blue jeans, a lacy blouse and a cowboy hat, all paired up with the wide open rolling fields of the country... a vision I love and crave and hope for. Oh yes... this nail polish is totally unlike any other I've ever owned both in color and in the fact that it actually puts such a vision in my head and takes me to my happy place.

Absolutely love it. 5 of 5 stars and highly recommended. =)

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