Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh, My Poor Nails...

So, for those who don't know I've had my niece full time for the past couple of weeks due to a medical emergency with her mother. Well, not only has this left me with little "me time" (aka nail painting time) but it leaves me very busy with other things. Like playing in the snow we've had over the weekend. And fighting to get shoes on that don't seem to want to go on. And trying to pull jeans onto a sleepy kid who doesn't want to get out of bed just yet at 7:30 in the morning. And this all adds up to....

broken nails. Not just one, not two, not even three.... I broke a grand total of four nails over the course of the past few days. Very short too. Which means they're ALL getting snipped off short. I've known many people who file the broken nail(s) and leave it at that, but I have some slight OCD issues here in that, I can't have one (or four, in this case lol) short nail and the rest still long. They've gotta be as close to even as possible.

I'm not disappointed. I try hard to NOT be the kind of girl who freaks out over a broken nail. I mean yes I'm bummed, but in the grand scheme of things it's something trivial. And they'll grow back.

And to further the positive attitude about it I'm looking at this as the perfect opportunity to test a nail growth product to review for you guys! How's that for making a broken nail mess into a positive situation, eh?

So, I picked up some Nutra Nail 5 to 7 Day Growth Calcium Formula today. I will take before and after pictures and will update in one week to see what's what.

They also miraculously had the new Complete Salon Manicure polishes from Sally Hansen. I was at wal Mart - Wal Mart (the one I go to anyway) NEVER has new stuff when it's actually new, especially in the nail/makeup department! Nearly all the colors were gone already, but they did have one I quite liked. It is a pretty creamy ever so slightly off white color called Polar Bare. This stuff is supposed to be a one-step manicure, two coats and you're set.

Following years of development, Coty Research is offering the ultimate nail color formula that performs all five steps of a professional manicure.
The formula balances the greatest degree of gloss, wear and chip-resistance over a 10-day period. The polish preps, treats and finishes nails as it imparts high-intensity color. With two coats, Complete Manicure promises to provide a nail boosting, salon-quality manicure.
The nail color is available in 42 salon-inspired shades such as sheers, nudes, brights, stone/metals and deeps. The price is $6.99 each.

The price at Wal Mart was $6.50. The 5 steps covered with this polish are:

1. Base Coat
2. Strengthener
3. Growth Treatment
4. Color
5. Top Coat

Of course as this has growth treatment in it, I will not actually be trying it out for a week, so as to not interfere with the review of the Nutra Nail 5 to 7 Day Growth treatment. But once the week is up for that I'll definitely be trying out this polish. It's going to be so hard not to use it between now and then! LOL 


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