Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nutra Nail 5 to 7 Day Growth Formula

Well, one week into using this stuff and.... I'm not impressed.

I've been using it as directed for a week now, and there's no very noticible growth. What tiny amount of growth there is I highly doubt has anything to do with the Nutra Nail, it is far more likely just my normal nail growth.

Perhaps with further use I may notice something more from this, but I doubt it. The "results" I've seen so far are nothing like what results are depicted on the packaging - I didn't expect such spectacular results of course but I also did not expect such miniscule results, either. I've used other nail growth products in the past that DID offer up better results after one week than this has, hence I expected more from it than what I got.

I'll continue to use it and see if I notice any different with further use, and so the $6 I paid for it is not wasted, but I'm not happy with it at the moment. If I feel that it works better with continued use I 'll be sure to update this post and let you guys know. But for now I'm gonna say if you need a nail growth treatment, this is NOT it. Based on past experience, Nail Magic Treatment yields far better results. It is more expensive, but it works so much better too - it's worth the extra couple of bucks!

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