Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Easy Tip for Whiter, Brighter Nails

Everyone knows that bright, white nails look far more appealing than dull, discolored nails. When you're a nail polish addict, keeping your natural nails bright and white can be tricky. There are various ways to help brighten up your nails and make the tips whiter. But this simple and cheap trick is my favorite.

The first thing you'll need is two manicure bowls; unless you don't mind doing just one hand at a time in which case one will be enough. Alternately you could use small cereal bowls or some other small dish, but I prefer manicure bowls - they're cheap and available at most beauty supply shops. I use this kind from Sally's: click me please.

The next thing you'll need is some very warm water - not too hot though. You'll be soaking your fingers in it for about 5 minutes so make sure it's not too hot for this!

And finally, the little thing you need that does the whitening....

... denture cleaning tablets! Yes, you read that right: denture cleaning tablets. These are great because they're SUPER cheap - you do not need to get anything fancy, just get the cheapest kind you can find. For whatever reason I've noticed the ones with mint in them are cheaper than those without - if this is the case where you live too and you really want to get the cheapest ones on the shelf you can use the ones with mint. The mint will not hurt the effectiveness of this at all... think of it as aroma therapy while soaking your nails. =)

What to do: fill your manicure bowls with very warm water - don't fill them all the way, put just enough water in that your nails will be covered. Now, settle in and make sure there's a clock within sight so you can keep an eye on the time. Once you're comfy (remember, you're stuck where you are for about 5 minutes so be comfortable!) drop ONE denture cleaning tablet into each manicure bowl and then IMMEDIATELY dip your fingers into the bowls as well. All that cool fizzy action from the tablets is going to clean your nails, and there are whitening agents in them to help whiten the tips of your nails at the same time. And remember if you got the ones with mint, you're getting some aromatherapy too. ;-)

Let your fingers soak for about five minutes. Once the five minutes is up, you can dump the water from the manicure bowls right down the sink, rinse them out and then gently scrub your nails under lukewarm water with a nail brush. Dry your hands and nails, apply your favorite hand lotion or cream, and you're all done!

You will NOT have dramatic results from doing this, it's not an immediate fix and I want that to be very clear. So do not go into this expeting some sort of miracle. But your nails will be subtly whiter and brighter. And if you get into the habit of doing this soak regularly as part of your nail care routine, you will notice a difference over time. How often should you do this? It's all individual, like anything you just need to experiment around a bit and find out what works for you. I generally do this for my nails once a week. I'm bad about staying in the habit of doing it though, but when I'm sticking with it I usually get to it once a week.

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