Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Nails - Blue Christmas

First of all I must apologize - I know this is not some of my best work. I was in a rush when I did my nails. But you still get the idea, and if I had more time it'd look a LOT better. But anyway the inspiration for this look is one of my favorite Christmas songs, by one of my favorite singers: Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley. Hence a blue background, some white snow, a green Christmas tree with "decorations of red". And a little gold rhinestone to top the little Christmas tree, cause you've gotta have a star on top of a Christmas tree. (Or an Angel. Either way a yellow or gold rhinestone can represent that on your nails.)

Here's a tutorial on how to do the look. And again, apologies for being in a rush but like I said in my previous post, my "me time" is limited these days. Also, sorry for the somewhat choppy editing - I had to make the video fit the time constraints of Photobucket. And sorry that the edge of the video is cut off. I've no idea how to make the blog wider to accommodate the width of the videos. ?

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