Thursday, December 3, 2009

3D Nail Art

3D nail art is the new thing becoming increasingly popular. Designs like these: click here please  are being seen more and more in the nail art world these days.

Now... some of the 3D designs I have seen ARE cute enough - the simpler designs, such as this for example: click me please. Even with this example though I personally would have stuck to having the design - heart, flower, whatever - on just one nail rather than all of them. But that's just me and my own preferences. But some of the small, simple 3D designs can actually be really nice.

However, things like those in the first link I provided are going a bit too far in my opinion. I mean, nail designs that are upward of 1/4 inch in thickness? Really? Granted I do not know much of how this kind of nail art is created but from what I have seen and what I know of nail art in general, these flamboyant designs surely cannot last long for anyone who actually does stuff - anything - in the course of a day. I mean if I use a chunky glitter nail polish THAT gets stuck in my hair when I'm washing my hair, so I can just imagine the horror of trying to wash my hair with monstrous 3D nail art on my nails!

Like I said, the more subtle side of 3D nail art is cool - I would never deny that. But I think it's meant for special occasions only - not for daily wear. And the more extreme stuff.... I just don't see the point. I cannot imagine it having any staying power in the real world of chores and responsibilities like doing laundry, washing dishes, scrubbing floors and all the other necessary cleaning a house requires. Maybe if you never DO anything such nail art will last long enough to make it worth the time it took to have it done and the huge chunk of cash it costs to have done, but who the hell has so little to do in a day that they could make such nail art last? I have a hard enough time getting my nail polish to last when I only use one color or do my basic nail art designs, because I have pets to care for and a house to clean and cooking to do on a daily basis. I very highly doubt that 3D designs are going to have the same staying power as "flat" nail art.

Bear in mind this is just my opinion on the matter. If you disagree and love to rock the extreme 3D nail art then more power to you for doing your thing. I just don't think it's something that is for me.

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