Friday, November 13, 2009


For those who do not know, this blog has been set up as my new nail blogging home! I am currently working on getting all of my previous posts from my old blog posted here; well maybe not all of them but the most important ones. As the old blog was not on blogger and does not offer any kind of exporting that means I have to copy them one by one. There are only 50 posts there but when you're talking about copying and posting them to a new blog, that's a LOT of posts!

I plan to post-date these posts, so as to not have a ton of posts for today/tomorrow while I work on copying the posts here. All the photos up till this point will have my old blog url on them; I apologize for that but surely you can understand the time consuming hassle it would be for me to go through all my pictures and re-do the urls on them! (Especially since I am a photographer, I've got thousands of folders and hundreds of thousands of photos on my computer! lol)

Well, off to work on getting things copied here. If you're following me here from the old blog, I hope you like the new place and I'm sure you'll find it's far easier to find what you need here than it was on the old blog! And if you're new to my blog, I hope you will enjoy your visit and come back to see me again! This blog is dedicated to one of my many loves, nail polish! I post swatches, reviews, and any other random nail-related things that pop into my head. =)

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