Monday, November 23, 2009

Orly In A Snap - Initial Thoughts

As some of you know, my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat is almost gone. What's left is getting a little thick, and we all know that ain't good. Apparently you can't use regular polish thinner with this, you have to get a special thinner from Seche. Anyone tried regular thinner anyway? Let me know how it turned out if you did, please. lol But anyway, since I do love the Seche for the speedy dry time it offers, but don't care for it so much because it doesn't help prevent chips as well as I'd like, I decided it try something else. There are still a couple others on my list of things to try, but I'm tackling the list one product at a time. Why? Well for one, the stuff gets thick the longer you have it and thick is no good. And beyond that, say I buy all the "quick dry" products at once, try them all once or twice and decide I love just one. Then the rest just sit around untouched, till they eventually hit the trash can. It's a waste of product and money, and I'm not in a position to be wasting money like that. Plus, if I have more products I'm less likely to focus on using just one and really getting a good feel for it. If I buy them just one at a time, I have just that one product to use until it's empty. That means I can get a feel for the product over time, learn any quirks it has or tricks to using it for better results etc. And that all adds up to better reviews for you guys to make your own purchasing decisions later down the road once I write up my review.

All that said, I do hold off on "official reviews" till I have used something enough I feel comfortable with it and my stance on it so I can give the best review possible. But there are times I like to make a post with my initial thoughts and first impressions on a new product I'm trying. Such is this post, on "In A Snap" top coat from Orly.

I bought this yesterday and while I originally planned on waiting a while longer to use it, I got bored and one thing led to another and well... I gave it a test drive last night.

First thought: it's very thin consistency. Like water. It STINKS like you wouldn't believe. And even after about 20 minutes (much longer than the 5 minutes it proclaims on the packagaing!) my nails still felt VERY tacky, not dry. And this was over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish and Finger Paints base coat. Base coat was allowed to dry completely, each coat of color dried for 5 minutes before I moved on to the next coat/top coat. So as for my initial thoughts.... I'm not crazy about it.

But again, bear in mind this is just the "first impressions" post. There will be a more thorough "definitive thoughts" review probably in a month or so, once I've had some time to use it several times and get a better feel for it.

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