Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cotton Claw

One of my favorite tools in my nail polish drawer is my Cotton Claw. My sister thinks this was a silly and pointless purchase, but then she's not a nail polish addict like I am! Even so I can still see where even some nail polish addicts might not find the Cotton Claw to be a useful little tool to have in your arsenal. I, however, can't live without it.

This nifty little gadget has a very simple use. As you may have guessed, it is used to hold your cotton balls whilst removing nail polish. Just press on the top (like clicking a pen) and the "claw" emerges...

... it's prey is always easy to find, seeing as you provide it yourself so it's always ready for the claw to swoop down...

... capturing it securely.

Ok so that was probably a ridiculous way for me to explain the use of this thing but you have to admit it was entertaining, even if only a little bit. ;-) (I'm in a silly mood.)

So once you have your cotton ball held securely in the Cotton Claw, dip it in nail polish remover (or, as I do, place it over the open bottle, tip the bottle upside down, being sure to hold the cotton ball over it while doing so.) and then... well, you know the rest from here. Once you're done simply press down on the top of the claw again and the used cotton ball will be released to the trash can. (Sometimes you have to give it a little shake to get it to let go, but it WILL let go.)

Why on earth would this be handy to have? Well... one scenario is, you've already painted your fingernails and you get the urge to paint your toenails too. But *gasp* - you'd ruin your manicure trying to clean off the old polish from your tootsies to repaint them! Well, Cotton Claw to the rescue! (FYI this happens to me a lot. I don't know why, just one of my quirks I guess.) Or, perhaps a more likely situation for some of you... you're hanging out with a friend/sister/niece/daughter/etc. and they want you to do their nails for them. This means cleaning their nails off, but you don't want to mess up your own manicure in the process. Again, Cotton Claw to the rescue. =)

Ok, I'll be fair. I'll admit maybe this is a fairly silly gadget to have around. But I happen to love it and am glad to have it. I have a knack for deciding to paint my toe nails too only after finishing up with my finger nails, and I can't tell you how many times before getting the Cotton Claw I messed up my manicures for the sake of painting my toe nails too. Like all things I suppose it's not for everyone. But there are obviously enough people who like it, or they wouldn't be making and selling them. Right? ;-)

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