Monday, July 20, 2009

Must Have Polish - China Glaze Ruby Pumps

So things have been kinda crazy lately, my niece has spent a lot of time here and thus I've not had time to paint my nails let alone do swatches or anything. She's spending the day today with a friend though, so that gives me a little time to get other things taken care of.

My mom came over last week and we went shopping, and I picked up China Glaze "For Audrey" and "Ruby Pumps". More on For Audrey in a future post... this post is all about Ruby Pumps!

I have seen so many pictures of Ruby Pumps, and to be honest even though I thought the color was very pretty I also thought it was a color I could do without. I mean... most of us already have at least several red polishes right? Why add another? A lot of the pictures I looked at made note that "pictures don't do it justice" and I thought, they can't be THAT far off from what the color is like. So when we were shopping I just decided I'd check out the color, for the heck of it. And when I saw it in the bottle, I realized it really IS a color I wanted to add to my collection.

However it truly wasn't until I applied it that I saw how true all those other ladies were when they said pictures just do not do this color justice! Even looking at it in the bottle isn't quite good enough... you have to apply it to truly appreciate this color!

It goes on very smoothly, albeit a bit streaky with one coat, two to three coats is perfect coverage. This color has so much depth and dimension to it... it is the most stunning red polish I've ever owned. Also, based on the many pictures I have seen online, this is one of those polishes that looks great on ALL skin tones, from the fairest of the fair (such as myself) to the darkest of the dark - this polish really looks amazing on everybody! I wanted to bring this up simply because I know I have seen a few colors that look amazing on darker skin tones that just look silly on my ghostly complexion, and vice versa. This one really flatters everybody though - although again as I always say who cares what others think, if YOU like it then wear it! But I did want to throw it out there that (in my opinion at least) this is a great red polish for all skin tones. =D

All that said... this is one polish that I don't feel would be well showcased with just one or even two pictures. So I took several, and made a collage. All of the pictures were taken in natural, cloudy light. The three across the top I also used fill flash, but the rest were without a flash. The differences in the color-appearance are from the cloudiness, at some moments the light was brighter than other moments. These don't do the color justice at all, however they do help give an idea of the incredible dimension this polish has. I HIGHLY recommend this polish to anybody who is looking for a great red polish to add to their collection!

(PS - these were also taken after 3 days of wear, with INM "Out The Door" top coat.)

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