Friday, June 12, 2009

Zoya Review

I got my Zoya polishes from the exchange on the 6th. I still have not tried all of them, but I have tried most of them. I don't have swatches yet though. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the shades I got, as well as bottle pictures of them.

Several of the colors are not what I was expecting. Therefore, in the list below I am linking the color names to their pages on Zoya's site, so you can see the color as it appears on their site so you can see what I saw & expected to get, as opposed to what I actually got (pictured below - in natural light (partly cloudy) with no flash).

Deidra - This is one that I had a better idea of what to expect from some swatches from other nail polish blogs. It is a grey-toned purple with flashes of gold.

Felicity - This is like a soft pink version of Deidra, which again I expected it to look like it does based on swatches seen on other nail polish blogs

Lulu - I think this is about the only one the Zoya site shows somewhat accurately. It's a soft, sheer pastel peachy coral color. I think it is my favorite of the group.

Lyric - As opposed to the golden tan color I expected this one is more brown-hued orange with a golden flash. Still pretty but not something I'd probably buy if I knew what it looked like beforehand.

Meadow - This is like a darker version of Felicity - a medium rosy pink with flashes of gold. I was expecting a slightly browner base but it's a true pink color. I like it, but too similar to Felicity and had I known that I'd have picked a different color.

Piper - Again I expected a pink with more tan/brown based hues but it is indeed a true pink creme color. It is brighter than expected as well, I'm not sure I care for it. I was hoping for something a little softer. It is actually similar to Felicity, minus the golden flash & frost finish.

Sofia - This one is NOTHING like I was expecting. I thought it would be a pretty deep rich plum color, but it's RED. It has an ever-so-slight hint of purple to it, but make no mistake, this is RED polish. NOT purple. I wanted purple. Another one that had I known what it actually looked like, I'd have picked something else in it's place.

South Beach Ice - This one, again, is nothing like I expected and had I known what it looked like I never would have gotten it. I thought it would be a pretty teal-seagreen type color, but it's green. There is not a hint of blue in this polish AT ALL. It is green through and through. I was also expecting something a little more glittery, but it's just shimmery, and very very sheer. Not happy with this one at all. =(

Vegas Freeze - This is a darker purple than I thought but it's still pretty. Like South Beach Ice though I expected glitter and all it has is shimmer. It's super sheer as well.

Zara - A darker version of Deidra, I thought it'd be a bit more gray-based but it is a bluer based purple with flashes of gold. Still pretty though, and different enough from Deidra that I don't mind having both of them but they are indeed similar.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Overall I'm a little disappointed in these polishes. First because several of the colors are not what I was expecting, but also because now that I've tried the polishes I don't see what the fuss is all about over these polishes. They have average lasting power before they start to show some wear. Some shades apply kind of streaky and some I have had issues with cuticle pull with a couple colors as well. My Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat has had a strange effect on Sofia and Piper, more on Sofia. I need to use it with the others to see if it happens with all of them, but what I experienced is that the nail polish looks fine until applying the Insta-Dri, at which point the tips only become matte, in a splotchy, irregular manner and not even on all nails but on most of them. On Piper this only happened on two nails and only a couple small spots that are not very noticable so I left that polish on. Very odd indeed, and something I've never experienced before. I think you may need to invest in Zoya's quick-dry product, which I do NOT want to do because it's extremely expensive - $16 for a 0.5 oz. bottle!

Basically, I don't think they're worth the $6 normal price tag (plus shipping if you can't buy it locally, as I cannot, and tax). They do have some pretty colors and they are nice enough polishes, but they're not spectacular. I have cheaper polishes that are just as good if not better. I wouldn't mind buying from Zoya from time to time as they do have some unique colors, but they're not a brand I'd buy any old time, and their price tags mean that I'd have to save up and make only occasional purchases. I would also participate in the exchange program again in the future, if I had any other polishes that needed to be tossed anyway and there were Zoya shades I was interested in.

I think the main draw people see in them is they are "big 3 free" - but these days most brands of nail polish are, due to stricter regulations and consumer demands for safer nail polish. So IMHO, that should not really be all that much of a selling point anymore. When they were new, sure... but now, things have changed in the polish industry and being "big 3 free" isn't such a big deal anymore. (Zoya is also free of camphor, if that means anything to anybody. But that's not an issue for me personally; especially seeing as unless you are physically ingesting camphor by eating/drinking it, it's safe and often even used for external medicinal purposes. So... whatever on that one. Think what you want about the stuff, that's fine, I'm just saying it's my opinion that it's not a problem and honestly I've never seen it listed as an ingredient in nail polish anyway. ?)

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