Monday, June 15, 2009

Swatches - Avon

Spruce is a hard color to describe as it looks completely different in the sun than in the shade/indoors. In the sun it is a grey-green metallic, leaning more toward grey than green. But in the shade/indoors it is a metallic slightly greyed green. It applies a little streaky, and is somewhat sheer at two coats.

Poseidon is a pretty soft pastelly green with a golden flash. It applies a little streaky and is sheer at three coats.

Baby Blue Frost is just that - slightly frosty baby blue. I love the color, however it applies very streaky. It takes at least three coats to somewhat even out the color. The streakiness is more evident in the sun than in the shade/indoors.

Lemon Ice is a sheer, shimmery pastel yellow. Applies much more evenly than the above Avon shades.

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