Friday, June 19, 2009

Swatch & Comparison

I saw this color and had to have it if nothing else than to compare it to another color in my collection.

Petites "Black Amethyst" vs. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Uptempo Plum"

At first glance in the store, Black Amethyst looked like a very good dupe for Uptempo Plum. But once I got it home and could swatch, they're very different colors.

Uptempo Plum is more of a very very dark, almost black reddened purple polish with plummy shimmer, whereas Black Amethyst is black polish with purple micro-glitter.

Uptempo Plum, if you recall my previous post about it, requires two or three coats. Even at two coats it is somewhat sheer, and it applies fairly flat looking, the shimmer stands out most in the sun but even then is quite subtle.  Black Amethyst also requires two to three coats (swatches are 3 coats but honestly had I been taking my time for more careful application two would have been sufficient) for completely opaque coverage, and the purple micro-glitter stands out much more than the shimmer in Uptempo Plum. (The pictures do not do this color justice at all; the glitter is not as subtle as it looks, but it is also not "in your face" glitter either.) I imagine one coat of Black Amethyst might, might be fun to layer over other darker colors but don't take my word on that. It's something I will play around with in the future provided I remember to do it. But on it's own, it's fabulous. Indeed my new favorite dark polish. Between Uptempo Plum and Black Ametyst, Black Amethyst is my favorite.

One thing worth noting about Black Amethyst is that in removing it, some of the micro-glitter tends to linger on your fingers and nails. This is easily cleaned up with a fresh remover-moistened cotton ball/pad, or even just washing your hands. Not a big deal to me, but I thought I'd mention it in case such things is a problem for some of you.

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