Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I was going to wait till tomorrow to paint my nails again, but I decided to do it tonight. Really I should have waited... but... well you know me, I have no patience. So. Did it tonight. It's a design I have done before simply with different colors - I can't help it, I love this one. It's simple but so fun and pretty...

Now, it needs to be said that I did a pretty crummy job with this one. I messed up all the flowers & leaves, and the little white dots didn't quite go very well either. There's a reason for that. I painted my nails while sitting on the couch, watching the hockey game. So, I was not only distracted but not sitting in a good nail-painting place at all.

And they're bubbly. I wasn't thinking (remember, hockey = huge distraction for me) and shook my top coat. I didn't realize what I'd done until I'd already painted a couple nails, at which point I decided I might as well keep going and at least ALL my nails would be bubbly and match. I guess I'm odd that way - so many other women would probably take off the polish and start over - I simply shrug it off and consider the bubbles a fun twist to the look to make it unique.

Anywho, the hockey game is back so I'm off to watch. I'm going to be making at least one post tomorrow, quite possibly more. So be ready.

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