Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swatches - Nicole by OPI

Nicole by OPI "Virtuous Violet" - This is actually much more purple in person, but it is a blue-based purple and try as I might the blue is what wants to come through in the photos more than the purple. I am not fond of this polish - it goes on streaky and uneven. At one coat it is sheer, two coats is ok but three coats is ideal if not necessary to even out the streakiness and get opaque coverage.

Nicole by OPI "Enchantress"
- This is a sheer pink shade with flashes of blue. It is sheer enough you would not be able to build it up to bottle color, but it is a lovely shade if you like sheers. Even if you don't like sheers, the duochrome properties make it a fun polish to layer over darker colors.

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