Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lots of New Goodies

So a wonderful friend of mine from another corner of the world sent me loads of goodies for my nails. The package finally arrived today and even though I only did a very quick test of a couple things I'm already in love with it all!

Ahh, nail polish junkie heaven... =D

I've never seen nail art pens like those before - maybe I've never looked in the right places for them but either way never seen them before. They're so cool! All the nail art pens I know of are like felt-tip markers but with a brush rather than the felt tip, and they tend to still be too large to get nice intricate designs, and if the bristles should start to splay well then it's all over. But these are different... I will have more pictures later to show exactly how they are different.

Rhinestones and other fun shaped decor... oh jeez there aren't even any words!

Right away I took off the previous polish (which was starting to look a bit worn anyway... not much, but a little; enough I could take it off and not feel bad about it) and now I'm plotting my next design with which to use my new goodies.

Thank you yet again L.L. - I really can't say it enough! *hug* =D

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