Sunday, April 5, 2009

Affiliate Links

To clean up the look of the blog a bit I have decided to post my affiliate links here (though a couple will also remain in the sidebars as well).

Readers: When you click or purchase through these links/banners, I will earn a small commission. I appreciate your helping me in this manner, though it is of course not necessary. You will know if I earn a commission based on clicks versus sales by which category the link/banner is under - PPC means it is a paid-per-click link and you can help me out with a simple click of your mouse. PPP means it is a paid-per-purchase link in which case I only earn a commission if you make a purchase through that link or using a code mentioned on the banner. Other affiliate programs are those which no money is earned but instead points toward a certain gift or product are earned instead.

Affiliates: If you have an affiliate program you think would fit well with this blog please feel free to contact me regarding your program. I cannot promise to join every affiliate program that I am contacted about but I will take them each into careful consideration.

PPC (paid-per-click) Affiliates:

PPP (paid-per-purchase) Affiliates:
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Other Affiliates:
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