Friday, June 12, 2015

All Things Must Come to an End

After a lot of thought and careful consideration,  I have decided to "retire" from beauty blogging.

This was not an easy decision to make,  but it feels like the right one.  For the last couple of years it has become gradually more difficult for me to keep this blog updated.  Technical troubles aside,  my life has kept me otherwise busy. While my love for all things beauty has not diminished,  my love for writing about them has, and my finances have changed as well.  Running a beauty blog is not cheap - new products hit the shelves constantly and a good beauty blogger tries as many of them as possible.  I can't afford to do that, even if I stick to only drugstore brands (which are not exactly cheap anymore;  many items are priced similarly to MAC these days,  even though the quality is not always similar).

Also,  running a successful beauty blog requires far more talent for makeup and nails than I possess.  No, this is not a pity me comment.  It's just the truth.  I've never claimed to be very talented with these things.  I am not a pro,  just someone who loves makeup but doesn't necessarily have a lot of talent for it.  The last few years have seen an emergence of tremendously talented ladies (and guys!) in the beauty community.  I am always awed by how inspired and talented other folks are...  And it always reminds me just how limited my abilities are.  Again, no self pity here.  I am happy with my skill level - what I want to be able to do for my daily wear, I can do to my liking.  I've no desire to get into contouring and graphic eye liner,  ombre lips etc. I do wish I were better with eye liner - my 14 year old niece applies her liner better than I will ever be able to lol - but beyond that I really have no desire to expand my skills in makeup and a beauty blog can't survive if the author isn't passionate about cosmetics in that way.

I am extremely grateful for those of you who have stuck with me from the very beginning when I was using a different blog service,  then when I moved to blogger way way back before Google bought them.  I'm also incredibly grateful to the companies I have had the opportunity to work with over the years.  It has been about 15 years since I started this blog,  and I've put an immeasurable amount of time and effort into it over that time.  Some folks don't realize what a full time job blogging can be - writing this blog has definitly been an unpaid,  full-time job for me.

I will not be deleting the blog,  so what information is here can remain accessible.  It is always possible I may "reopen" in the future - I won't rule it out.  But for right now,  this blog is not a priority.  Those who are interested in keeping up with me are welcome to do so via Instagram,  the only social media service I use on a regular basis.

Thanks so much for joining me here through the years,  y'all.  I have made some good friends through this blog,  and I appreciate all of you so much more than words can ever truly express.  I hope y'all will join me on Instagram so we can keep in touch.


Monday, June 8, 2015

NailMedic Growth Factor

Broken nails happen,  no matter how carefully we try to avoid them.  Sometimes it seems like the more careful we are the more likely we are to break a nail or two.

There are a lot of products out there that say they will help your nails grow back faster and stronger. I've tried quite a few of them myself.  In my experiences,  most of them don't really work.

A few weeks ago when I broke a couple nails I decided to try the last remaining product on the shelf at my local Walmart that I hadn't tried yet: NailMedic Growth Factor.  It was about $7 so I was hesitant but I looked down at my sad little stubby broken nails and figured I would go for it.

 The back of the box reads as follows:

Innovative anti-aging complex fortifies weak,  brittle nails and helps replenish depleted nutrients necessary to moisturize the nail.  Infused with biotin,  calcium,  keratin protein,  and argan oil,  Growth Factor will reduce breakage and splitting while providing strength and nutrition required to optimize nail growth.  

Instructions: Apply 1 to 2 coats to bare nails as a base coat.  Allow to dry.

With no instruction offered as to how often to apply this for best results,  I decided to go with three fresh applications per week.  I didn't top this off with color, though you certainly could if you wanted to.  Within the first week I could already tell my nails were growing back more quickly.  After a full two weeks,  the rate of growth was impressive:

On the left is immediately after applying the first time.  On the right is after two full weeks of use,  applying two fresh coats of product every 3 days.

I know about how long it takes for my nails to grow out after a break (for some reason my breaks always tend to be at/close to the smile line) and I can say using this approximately doubled the rate my nails have grown. In about one month my nails have grown back to the length they were before the unfortunate breaks that prompted this purchase.  Had I not used Growth Factor it would have taken about twice that long. (Though I do not have a current picture of the length of my nails,  my phone is being bratty lately and keeps telling me I'm out of space even though I have done all I can to free up space.)

Overall I am super happy with this purchase,  and would definitly recommend this product!

Growth Factor is part of a full lineup of nail care products and is made by Pretty Woman.  You can see more about this and the other products in the NailMedic line at

This product is NOT tested on animals.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Street Fusion: Summer 2015 from SinfulColors


Street Fusion

This summer, SinfulColors transports you across the globe with an on-trend collection of 29 hues that reflect the vibrant and eclectic chaos from around the world.  The fusion of saturated cream shades and dazzling neon appliqués channel the pulsating energy of a summer evening.  The offbeat blend of spicy reds, oranges and cooling blues are perfectly paired with henna appliqués and foil tips.  Juicy purples and pinks complement new matte glitter toppers that add a fashion-forward flair while graffiti-inspired splatter glitter topcoats capture the diverse and rebellious vibe of street art.

Let these 29 vibrant shades, 6 glitter topcoats and 5 appliqués from SinfulColors express your individuality this summer with an electrifying mani to remember.  $1.99 each, nail polish and appliques, at Walgreens and other mass retailers for Summer 2015.

I've got a couple swatches from this collection for y'all today.  😊

All photos from this point were taken indoors in natural overcast light without flash. All swatches are shown at 2 coats.

Otaku Anime is described as "bright yellow with extra sheen".

This color is a soft, sheer warm yellow packed with shimmer. It maintains a slight transparency at two coats.

Sky Tree is described as "sparkling teal".

This is a shimmer and micro-flakey packed teal creme.  An absolutely gorgeous color!  It definitely says "summer" to me. Two coats yields full opaque coverage.

Fuji Fuji is described as "silver holographic glitter".

Aptly described, this is a clear base packed with silver holographic glitter in varying sizes. Still slightly shy of full coverage at two coats,  this one is dense enough to easily be full coverage with just one or two more coats,  but it is also not so dense that it can't be layered. Below is a swatch of it layered (one coat Fuji Fuji over two coats of Sky Tree).

Maroon Fine is described as "high-shine metallic copper".

This shade is a coppery red with micro-flakey shimmer. It comes across brighter in the swatch,  in person it is deeper and more orange-red than. The shimmer is also much more pronounced in person.  One of my favorites from the shades in this post!

Keira Blu is described as "dazzling indigo".

This is a lovely bright sky blue metallic.

Pink Ansen is described as "jagged glitter in punchy pink".

This is a sheer pink base packed with iridescent bar and extra fine glitter. The pink really doesn't come through on the nail.  It is basically clear with glitter.  Below I also have it swatches over Keira Blu. It would probably look best over deep,  dark colors and black.

The Henna I Do appliques are lovely and delicate looking.  (There are also some really fun neon appliques in this collection so be sure to keep an eye out for them in stores!) Worn alone the details are kind of subtle,  to me.  I decided to try one out over black polish (SinfulColors Whipped) and I love how that turned out! I ended up doing the following manicure with them (the nude polish used was Zoya Shay)

Love SinfulColors? Check out their site or keep up with them on social media:

Facebook @
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The product(s) featured in this post were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own based on my experience using the product(s).

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leven Rose Organic Rosehip Oil Review

Rosehip oil is something I have been wanting to try for a while, as I have heard nothing but good things about it. Some of the things that rosehip oil is supposed to be good for include: fading scars and stretch marks, healing minor scrapes and blemishes, hydrating both skin and hair, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

I have been using Leven Rose's Rosehip Oil for about two weeks. I have to say, even after just the first use I was impressed. Obviously for many of the benefits to be seen, continued use over a longer period of time is required. Two week's worth of use for a product like this is more of a “first impressions” type of review. In the two weeks I have been using it, though, I've been happy with it and can definitely see it being a permanent part of my routine.

The oil absorbs well into the skin, and doesn't leave a greasy residue behind. It absorbs fairly quickly, though not as quickly as some other oils and serums. It is very potent, and a little goes a very long way. You only need 1-3 drops, depending on the desired use. For applying to smaller areas, like for blemishes or scars, one drop is typically plenty. If you want to apply it as a moisturizer over your entire face, two or three drops is sufficient.

It took only one application to see a noticeable difference in my skin – a couple blemishes and minor scrapes showed signs of healing faster than they otherwise would have been, and my skin felt softer and more hydrated than it had before application. I have been applying the rosehip oil twice a day – morning and night – on some scars, and have noticed slight improvement in their appearance. This is one area where short-term use isn't necessarily going to offer much insight into how well the product works for this purpose, as something like fading scars takes time. Given the slight improvement in this short time-frame, however, I feel confident that with continued use I will see more improvement in this area. I've also been applying the oil nightly as facial moisutizer on my entire face, and my skin is much softer and smoother than previously, and the dry patches I had have become nicely hydrated.

Overall, I have been very pleased with this rosehip oil! The price is very fair for what you get, and because it is so potent one bottle will last quite a while even with daily use. If you'd like to check out Leven Rose Organic Rosehip Oil,  it is available on Amazon: or you can check out their web site at where you will find more information as well as all of their other products. 

I recieved the product(s) featured in this post at a discounted price for review. All opinions are my own based on my experience using the product(s).