Friday, January 23, 2015

SinfulColors Flirt With Hearts: Valentine's Day 2015 Collection

I know, I have been lacking in updates again/still. Still no home internet connection and life is crazy and chaotic and keeping me busy.

 As a peace offering, here are swatches of four of the colors from the SinfulColors Flirt With Hearts collection!

All photos were taken indoors next to a window with natural overcast light, no flash.

 Up first is 24/7: Described as "hottest pink" and that is a perfect description.

This is three coats. I found this was a little bit streaky going on. If you're very meticulous with application two coats would be good but I needed the third coat to even things out. Worth it though - everybody needs a good hot pink in their nail polish collection right? And check out that glossy finish!

Decadent is described as "dazzling red with metallic flakes" but it is actually clear with metallic red glitter.

This is two coats. As you can see it is not a full coverage glitter. This means it is perfect for layering on top of other colors or for "jelly sandwich" manicures. The glitter disperses pretty evenly on the nail.

Pinky Glitter is aptly described as "bright pink with a splash of sparkle". This is a pretty pink jelly base packed with iridescent glitter.

The formula on this one is a bit thick. This is two coats, but they were thickish coats. I think it would benefit from a couple drops of thinner to make applying thinner coats easier.

And last but not least, the star of this collection is Love Sprinkles: "bubble gum pink gleaming with white hearts and flecks of glitter". This is a clear base with white hearts and small pink and white glitter.

This is such an adorable color, if a nail polish can be described as adorable! This is two coats. The glitter is not very dense so it is good for layering over other colors. You really have to fish around for the hearts but that is expected with these kinds of shaped glitters. The formula is a bit thick and like Pinky Glitter I feel like a couple drops of thinner would be beneficial and might make getting to those hearts a touch easier.

Here is a close-up of this one:

I couldn't end the post here. With a couple perfect for layering glitters, there needs to be an example of this, yes?

What do y'all think of the Flirt With Hearts collection? Which colors are you lusting after? I am going to try to pick up Daredevil for sure and maybe Dream On and Rise & Shine as well. It will depend on what is in stock when I get to my local Rite Aid.

This collection will be available at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and other mass retailers in February for $1.99 each.

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 The product(s) featured in this post were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own based on my experience using the product(s).

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

I know I am a little late but Happy New Year, y'all!

I have been sick, so my NYE was spent sleeping. NYD was much the same. I am almost sort of starting to feel better now. The cold meds may have something to do with that though because when I first woke up, oh it was ugly.

I have been trying to find internet service in my area and it is proving difficult. It seems everyone wants to sell you "money saving" bundles of TV, phone, and internet. All I want is internet. I don't watch too much TV and most of what I want to watch I can watch online once I have internet again anyway. Having cable is redundant. (Though I do miss my NHL.... sigh.) I have no need for phone service, I have my cell phone thankyouverymuch. But it seems like it is an all or nothing deal with the service providers in my area, and the problem is I cannot afford "all". And this getting by with only having my phone for internet has gotten old. Why doesn't anybody offer just {fast} internet at a reasonable price? Ugh.

2014 was a rough year in a lot of ways. Mostly, my dad's health has been a huge concern. He still has some stuff that needs dealt with. I am grateful that despite it's reputation otherwise, our local hospital is pretty amazing. The staff is incredible, for the most part. All the hours spent there over the year, only one person struck me as kind of rude but I am willing to say maybe she was just having a bad day. Both of dad's stays he was on the same floor. On his second stay, which was after a trip to the ER (first time around was after scheduled surgery) as he was being wheeled out of the elevator the nurses at the front desk recognized him. If that is not a sign of some terrific hospital staff, then I don't know what is. After both his hospital stays, the nurses and doctors who took care of him sent him cards in the mail. He will be back again this year, as I said there is still some stuff that needs dealt with. It worries me and I know when the time comes I will be a wreck but it helps (even if only slightly) being able to have confidence in the people who will be taking care of him. All his health troubles are worrisome to me, though. The ultimate must do on my own "bucket list" is to take him to the beach. My dad has done a lot of traveling in his life, but he has never seen the ocean. I desparatly want to give him that experience. It is one I have had, and it is amazing. I really, really want to be able to give my dad that experience. Sooner rather than later. I don't know how I will make it happen, I just know that it is something I have to do. I will never be able to forgive myself if I don't give him that.

Anyway. Onto beauty related news, this is likely to be another year of few purchases and stash shopping. I am going to attempt to clear out my stash again soon to get rid of some stuff and maybe make room for one or two new things I have been wanting, but I am not sure yet. I cleared out my stash of a LOT of products not too long ago. I basically am down to stuff that I really use and some stuff that every time I try to get rid of it I think "But it's SO pretty! I really should use it more!" But then of course.... I don't use it more. It just sits there,begging to be used... and for whatever reason, I don't use it. My ultimate someday goal is to have all my makeup fit into just one train case. (Ha! Hey let me dream.) It is currently in two train cases plus some more stuff that doesn't fit is kept on my dresser. Yes, while other women are dreaming of increasing their makeup stash, I am trying to minimize mine. I never said I am not weird. In all seriousness it is simply that my style has changed, my priorities are different now, and much as I do still love makeup... I have become a makeup minimalist in terms of what I wear. On special occasions I do still wear bolder, more fun looks. But for day to day, I either wear super basic "no makeup" makeup, or I don't wear makeup at all. Makeup does have a shelf life, so if I am not using it, why keep it? You know?

As you can imagine, my makeup wearing and buying habits of late make it kind of difficult to run a beauty blog. Y'all want swatches and reviews of the latest products... and believe me I want to provide them for you. Whether you use it a lot or not, playing with new products is always fun! But I don't have the budget for it. With my less is more approach to what I wear as well as the limited budget, I am very selective about what I buy these days. Just because it is new and everyone wants it, does not mean it fits with my preferences. If it is not something I really feel I will use a lot, I can't justify the purchase. And since most days I just do not wear makeup or I do barely there looks, doing E/FOTD posts would be terribly boring. I considered perhaps making this a multi-author blog so that it can consistently have fresh new content. However, the last time I tried that it did not work out very well. (One of my girls posted once, and then both girls simply vanished on me completely.) It is still a thought, if y'all would like such an approach and if I could find a couple reliable ladies to join me in authoring here. But at least for this very moment that is not the route I plan to take.

So, I am really not too sure where this leaves things for 2015. I will try to update as often as I can, because I do love having this blog and connecting with y'all here. If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you would like to see posted here, I am all ears! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Wrap Up: Non-Beauty Favorites

It might be a little bit unconventional to share non beauty favorites on a beauty blog. But we all have far more interests than just beauty products! Perhaps some of my favorites from other aspects of my life will be your new favorites, too. :)

Kitchen Favorites

Reusable ice cubes - I have been on the hunt for these for more years than I care to count, remembering them from my childhood. I finally found little bags of them at Wal Mart and stocked up. They are great to keep drinks cold without watering them down! Hunt around enough/online and you can find various colors and shapes.

Keurig Mini Brewer - I have the old school, original mini that does just one cup at a time. I love this thing so much. Though you might think these brewers are meant for coffee drinkers, they can be great to have even if you don't like coffee. Like me. (I prefer my coffee to not taste like coffee. lol) I use my Keurig to heat water for recipes that call for hot water, and also for hot cocoa and tea. K Cups are also available for many non coffee drinks now, including "brew over ice" drinks like sweet tea and lemonade.

Seattle's Best frozen coffee blends - I could live on these things. Seriously. I have made them with nonfat dairy milk and they are good, but I prefer to make them with (unsweetened, unflavored) almond milk. The almond milk has less calories and more vitamins than dairy milk. I also find when I use almond milk the coffee flavor is more pronounced than when I make them with dairy milk. Though it is still not too strong a coffee flavor. As I said above, I don't really like coffee much.

 Pop & Cook frozen cubes of garlic & various herbs. Purely  convenience items, these are a bit pricey but so worth it, if you know that buying the fresh counterpart is going to lead to waste. (Much as I adore using fresh herbs, I honestly never manage to use a whole bunch before it goes bad!) There are also some sauces available in these cubes that could be handy. Most of the flavors I have seen I would rather make fresh but a couple are in my freezer. :)

General Household Items

BH&G melt warmers and melts - I adore these things so much! They come in so many styles now, and there are lots of fragrances to choose from. I have several warmers throughout the house that double as nightlights. The fragrances dissipate kind of quickly, they only last a couple days. But then I have mine on all the time. If you only make occasional use of them they probably last longer. (I also use other brands of melts in them of course. I just cannot recall the name of the other brand typically sold alongside the BH&G packs.) I can't share any favorite fragrances as they seem to perpetually change out the fragrances available and they rename them to match a given season or holiday (I know my favorite fragrances well enough to recognize them even though the name has changed) but I can say there are several great fragrances available at all times. :)

Wood wick candles - If you have not tried these yet, what are you waiting for?! There is a specific brand called WoodWick but there are now other brands that offer candles with wooden wicks. I have not tried all of them of course but the ones I have tried are fantastic! These are unique compared to other candles. The wooden wicks mean they offer up a soft crackling as the wood burns. If you have only one candle lit, it is a very soft and subtle sound. If you light several, the effect is enhanced. Creates a fabulous (and romantic!) ambiance. (Slightly unrelated note, I have not tried them yet but hope to in the new year: HearthWick candles by WoodWick. They have the wooden wicks, but are designed for the appearance of ribbon wick candles. Must try!)

A 60×60 plush throw/blanket I found at Dollar General. It is so ridiculously soft and cozy! And plenty big enough for two to snuggle up under. :)

Pet Favorites

Purina Cat Chow Gentle formula - My girl Sydney has a bit of a sensitive system, and my old boy Dusk seems to have a more sensitive tummy these days due to his age. (My little man will be 15 in April.) Switching them over to this food has helped ease their tummy troubles significantly.

Delightables Dairy flavor cat treats - Both cats enjoy these treats. This is important because while Dusk will eat pretty much anything, Sydney will not. She only likes her dry food, and an occasional can of moist food. We get other kinds of treats for them but she never has an interest in them. These are the only ones she has ever liked.

DentaStix - Rascal loves these things! I get her the green ones (I think they are mint flavored?) and she gets one every morning. She is super picky about her food and treats and even when she likes something after a while she gets tired of it and then we hunt for something else. (We change up her treats on a fairly regular basis, and change her food on occasion as well. Wouldn't you get sick of always eating the same thing?) These are the only thing she seems to consistently enjoy. So far anyway. She will probably change her mind in a few days to prove me wrong, since I mentioned it here. :p

Oster dog nail trimmer - These are sturdy and do the job well. Not much more to say than that.

Favorite Books I have read in 2014

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory

To Kill A Warlock by H.P. Mallory

Illicit Magic by Camilla Chafer

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Comes The Night by Norah Wilson and Heather Doherty

Blackmoon Beginnings by Kaitlyn Hoyt

The Watchers by Lynnie Purcell

Guardians by Lola StVil

Miscellaneous Favorites

"Multi-Wear Head Wraps" found at Wal Mart - I love these things! They are just tubes of stretchy fabric, but they can be worn multiple ways (as the name implies). I have a couple in different colors and wear them frequently.

Knitting (toe-up) socks - I am still mastering this, but have made a couple pairs now and am hooked! Once I really master it, I plan to move on to the two at a time method. Love expanding my knitting skills!

PaperMate InkJoy pens - These write smoothly but the main thing that I love is the fact that they are available in pretty colors of ink, including a lovely light blue, purple, and pink. I love writing personal notes with pretty colors.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Wrap Up: Favorite Beauty Products

As the year is winding down, I thought it might be fun to do a little mini series of a couple posts to wrap up the year. Although, I did not realize the days have passed so quickly after Christmas, so now I may not do quite as many posts as originally planned. (Oops lol) Not that I planned a lot anyway.

For the first installment, I thought I would do a little run down of some of the products that were my favorites over the course of the year.

I didn't really do a whole lot of beauty product shopping in 2014, other than replenishing the most used items when they ran out (eye liner, mascara etc). So many of my favorites for the year were purchased previously, and I "shopped" my stash more than anything.

Nail Products & Colors:

Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator

SensatioNail - this was another year of love-love-loving my SensatioNail products! Colors that I used a lot this year were Rose Gold Glitter, Little Gold Dress, Royal Ruby, Silver Glitter, and Gold Glitter.

Liberty Republic Spellbound "Elixir"

Zoya "Shay"

ColorClub "Pearl-spective"

SinfulColors "Twilight Twinkles"

SinfulColors "Cinderella"

Nicole by OPI "Be Awesome"

Pure Ice Girl On The Run top coat


Ulta blush in "Girlie"

Face Stockholm blush in "Crush"

Rimmel Stay Matte translucent pressed powder

Revlon Just Bitten balm stain in "Honey" & Matte Balm in "Elusive"

Maybelline ColorSensational Matte lipstick in "Daringly Nude"

Hard Candy Glossaholic in "Confection"

DEX New York lipgloss in "Christopher Street Orchid"

Femme Couture Get Rosie lip & cheek stain duo in "Rosy Red"

Urban Decay Primer Potion

L'Oreal Infallible eye shadow in "Endless Pearl", "Iced Latte", "Eternal Sunshine", and "Liquid Diamond"

Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadow in "Barely Branded" and "Inked in Pink"

Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme eye shadow in "Maggie Blanche"

Girlactik Beauty eye shadow in "Frenchie"

Milani eye shadow in "Beach Sand"

Physician's Formula Matte Collection eye shadow quad in "Canyon Classics"

Manna Kadar Trans-Fix eyeshadow-eyeliner transformer

Rimmel Scandaleyes gel eye liner in "Black"

Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl kajal eye liner in "Nude"

NYC kohl eye liner in "Sable" and "Taupe"

Crazy Kart makeup brushes

Hair & Skin Care:

Herbal Essences Smooth Collection shampoo & conditioner (Rosehip & Jojoba formula)

Beyond The Zone Frizz Zapper serum

FX Moroccan Moisture Argan Oil Spray

Remington Keratin Therapy hair dryer

Remington Silk Ceramic 1-inch straightener

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil for hair

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Dry Body Oil

Pure Argan Oil

Castor Oil

Equate Beauty Dual Power Moisturizer

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 100+

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel & Baby Powder

Valentia Even Glow Vitamin C serum


Designer Imposters Coco Mademoiselle

Curve Crush

Vince Camuto Fiori

Ed Hardy Love & Luck