Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Nails: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

I think this is my favorite Halloween design I have ever done. It is extremely simple, too! I have paired the accent nail with a simple crackle manicure, but it can of course be used with other designs for a full themed manicure.

For the crackle nails I used a base of Julep "Leah" (yep, I bought it just for the name. Every girl needs to own a nail polish that shares her name, right?) And Salon Perfect Black Crackle on top. For the accent finger I used a white creme for the base color. Then I used a black creme nail art polish to draw a curved line for the back of the cauldron. Then I used "Leah" with my airbrush to create the smoky potion coming from, and filling, the cauldron. I did it this way to add depth and dimension so that the smoke is in front of the back of the cauldron but not overlapping in front of it. If you do not have an airbrush, you can use the sponging technique instead. I would recommend thinning the polish to help keep it sheer and smoky, you do not want it to be too opaque. Then I went back in with the black nail art polish to finish creating the cauldron. I left a thin line on the side to add a little shape and dimension to the cauldron as well. Then of course seal it all with a good top coat and voila!

I will have a couple more Halloween designs up if I can manage to sort out the techy issues to get the pictures to the nook to post them. I will try but I can't promise to get them posted before the holiday.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Technology Is Not My Friend

I had planned to post a couple more Halloween manis, however I am having computer trouble. Yep, technology hates me. So now in addition to not having a home internet connection I do not have a way to transfer pictures from the camera to the nook so I can post once I can get to the library or another source of WiFi. I will keep trying as I do have one more Halloween mani already photographed as well as two other notd manis but I just need to get the pictures onto the nook to be able to post them.

The good news is that we have a new laptop on layaway right now. Hopefully before the end of the year I will have a working computer and home internet so that I can get back to posting more regularly. I miss y'all! In the mean time remember you can reach me on social media - my links are in the sidebar to the right. (Instagram is where you are most likely to find me)


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Nails: Itsy Bitsy Spider

Here is another Halloween design/idea for y'all. And this one is super simple to do.

I used Nicole by OPI "Love Song" for the purple but of course feel free to use any main color you like. Use any white creme for your accent nail, and any black for the design. I just used a toothpick to make the design, but if you have some thin striping brushes those would work as well. :)

I still have a couple more simple Halloween designs to share so if you need some inspiration for your holiday nails stay tuned!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Galaxy Nails

I was browsing through my stash the other day and happened to realize that I have a color that is rather ideal as a base for galaxy nails. Of course galaxy nails can be any colors you want so a black base is not totally necessary but I wanted to do something for Halloween as well so when the galaxy nails thought hit me, I knew what I would be doing: Halloween galaxy nails!

I started the look off with Nicole by OPI "Follow Me On Glitter" then added purple (Nicole by OPI "Love Song") and orange (Salon Perfect "Pumpkin"). I added a few white dots for some "stars" (then was not patient enough before top coat and smeared them. Oops.) As the final touch I added some Revlon "Celestial FX" which is a clear polish with sparse silver holo microglitter and silver holo stars, moons, and diamonds. I picked out some stars for this and a moon as well.

It didn't photograph that well (I really wish my DSLR had not died on me last year, I miss it!) but in person it turned out quite beautiful and a really fun look. Very Halloween-appropriate indeed. :)